Are Free Play Online Slot Games Set with Higher RTP’s?

To give online slot players the ability of seeing firsthand whether playing any type of slot games are going to be enjoyable and something they will want to do for real money, you will find plenty of casino sites offering you the option of testing out their range of slots for free and at no risk.

Therefore as a slot player who is considering playing slots online for the very first time you may be tempted to give any number of slots available at your chosen casino site a try for free, and you will have no difficulties finding a casino that will allow you to do so.

However, one thing you may experience when doing so is that lots of the slot games you come across and are testing out award you with lots of winning payouts, and may award you with multiple bonus games bonus features too and will give you plenty of play time too via your demo mode credits.

That will then leave you asking yourself whether those free play games have been set to return a much higher payout percentage than the real money versions of those games! If you do then set about playing those slots for real money you may wonder if the payout percentages have been set much lower on the real money versions of those slots.

That is in fact a very good question, for we are aware that some casinos have, in the past, offered free play slots that have much higher payout percentages then the real money versions on those slot games, and that has lured in a lot of players who find the real money slots never payout anywhere as near as much as the free play slot games.

Some online casino licensing commissions stipulate that as part of their licensing procedures the free play slots available at any casino site they have licensed must play and pay with the exact same long term expected payout percentages irrespective of whether players are accessing those slots for free or for real money.

However, some licensing commissions do not have such a regulation in place. With that in mind what we would advise anyone who is thinking of playing at an online casino to play at casino sites that are licensed and regulated but at a casino site whose licensing commission requires by law that the casino site lists on their website the long term expected payouts percentages that all of the slot games are expected to return to players.

That way you are going to be able to look up the RTP’s of each slot you do like the look of and are thinking of playing and will know just how high or just how low the RTP’s are on each of those slots.

Playing at casinos that are either not licensed or do not list the payout percentage of each of their slots is going to be a very risky business as you will not know whether each slot games respective RTP is very low, mid-ranged or even set quite high!